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OOC: [THE OBLIGATORY comment, contact and crit post]

Comments and crit welcome because I think we all know how tough it is to pull off a charrie with no memory - particularly one who lives and dies by his past and the things he has done. It's hard to judge whether I'm doing it ICly or not half the time, although I am damn well trying!

His log entries can be found here.

Comments screened and anon enabled/IP logging disabled for your pleasure, folks. If you prefer, you can drop me a PM.

Also - please feel free to use this as a means to contact me if I am not around on AIM.

((Lurkers: anon crit is welcome, but we're all adults here, I hope, so lets keep it objective and polite!))

Tags: ooc:comments, ooc:contact, ooc:crit
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